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BACON Francis
"Je suis sûr que chaque artiste se situe quelque part, travaille à partir d’un certain héritage et se trouve placé sur une certaine trajectoire. De même d’ailleurs qu’il s’ingénie à enfoncer avec obstination le même clou, mais cela est une autre histoire."
Francis BACON - Detailed biography

Francis Bacon was born in Dublin in 1909. Distanced from his family by his father; he went to London in 1926 and set himself up as an interior decorator. His life became dissolute (drugs, drink, gambling etc.). Then he began to draw and paint. In 1940 he destroyed almost all of his earlier works. From 1944 the artist began to assert himself, and became very violent in his methods of treating the human cry and all things sacred. Expressed in the form of triptychs and series, Francis Bacon’s work exhibits human figures, flayed, screaming, disfigured by the anguish of life. Bacon got much of his inspiration from the works of the photographer Muybridge, from Picasso, Vélàsquez, from magazine photographs and films. He painted in series: Crucifixions, Popes, Van Gogh’s, ill-defined animals, male nudes, auto portraits, portraits of friends, (Lucien Freud, Michel Leiris, etc.) on which he inflicts horrendous graphics and chromatics, always in the same endeavour of obtaining the perception of “the crude and in the heat of the moment”. He died in Madrid in 1992.